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Model 926 Mk111 Active Salt

Active Salt for Salt Analysis

The Model 926 Chloride analyser has for many years been the mainstay for the measurement of salt in the food industry throughout the world.

It is used at the production line where it is used to control the salt content of the ingredients as well as in the laboratory to test the final product. It is particularly important in the cheese industry.

There are several steps in the overall analysis.

  • Weighing of the sample
  • Addition of water to dilute and dissolve the salt in the sample
  • Maceration and filtration of the resultant
  • Pipetting of the aliquot
  • Titration of the chloride against silver ions
  • Displaying of the result of chloride analysis
  • Calculation of the final result
  • Preparation of the report
  • Review of result and archiving

Sherwood is introducing Active Salt a new concept to enhance our products. It automates our analysers in a way that will make them compatible with current lab practices. Using RS232 data transfer from our analysers to a computer, data is transferred without the need for manual transcription and your calculations are automatically performed by our software producing the final results in a format that produces your final report. The operating system offers a format which supports good lab practice.

Active Salt offers improved efficiency through reduced manual error and automatic report generation.

Automation of Salt Analysis

The Active Salt package comprises our Software Application and a USB to dual RS232 cable (for PC connection to the M926 Chloride Analyser and a Balance with RS232 output).

The Salt Analysis Software can be configured by the operator to suit their particular laboratory requirements.

Ordering Information

  • Active Salt package 926 86 500
  • Model 926 Chloride Analyser 926 11 009