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    Certificate of Analysis

    Product Code : 00156203
    Description : Chloride Standard Solution
    Batch Number : 550052
    Date : 04/11/11
    Traceable to : NIST NaCl SRM 919b


      Requirement Compliance
    Cl content 195 – 205 mg/l 204 mg/l Complies
    Volume Min 100 ml 103 ml Complies
    Total Microbial count 100 Max cfu/ml <10 cfu/ml Complies
    Expiry Date 2 years 29/07/2013

    The batch 550052 has been analysed and found to contain ~204mg/l Chloride.

    When checking the calibration of your 926 Chloride Analyser with Batch 55052 you should not adjust the calibration of your Chloride Analyser
    if you have an average result between 201 and 207mg/l

    Signed ………………………….

    Sean McGinty, Quality Engineer.

    Sherwood Scientific Ltd., 1 The Paddocks, Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge, CB1 8DH, UK