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    Fluid Bed Dryer – Filter Bags – Large

    Nylon Filter Bags – Large – 500 35 400

    A new Nylon material has been sourced, allowing re-introduction of Large Nylon Filter bags for use
    with 5 litre and 2 Litre Glass tubs on our lab scale, bench-top, fluid bed dryer.

    Available under the same part number as the original large Nylon filter bags, please be aware
    flow rates through bags manufactured with the new material may not exactly match those
    achieved with the original Nylon material



    BAGS                                                    Top Temp. °C  
    Material Sample Particle Size Dry Wet Chemical Tolerance
    Nylon Not suitable for particles below 35microns 125 125 Good – Alkali vapours
    Polypropylene 125 100 All
    Terylene 150 80 Good – Acid Vapours
    Nomex 240 240 Good – Alkali vapours