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    Active Salt Software (M926 Chloride Analyser)

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    Active Salt Monitor

    Product Overview

    Active Salt Software was developed to enhance the M926 Chloride Analyser. Designed initially for the Cheese industry, the software may be applied to any food product requiring salt analysis in a food processor’s QA/QC Lab. Active Salt Software can accept data input from a laboratory balance with RS232 output and also titration results from the M926 Chloride Analyser.  Product salt content calculation is performed and displayed instantly.


    • No transcription errors
    • Instant product salt content calculations
    • No need to achieve specific sample and diluent weights
    • Two Analyser/Balance units can be connected to one Active Salt programme; (i.e. two analyser stations per PC)
    • Low after test costs (reagent disposal)

    Further information about the product

    The user will be able to: 

    • Set up system configurations, e.g. M926 only & manual sample input or M926 with balance and automatic sample input from both
    • Assign usernames, sample names and batch or “line” names
    • Enter data manually or automatically for sample weights, diluent weights and Chloride Analyser results
    • Recall and review analyses
    • Automatically generate Analysis Reports

    Image below is an example of Active Salt running:  note the tabs at the bottom of the sample table, allow sample analyses from different batches or product lines to be collated within one experiment

    Active Salt Monitor