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    BlueNotes 410 Software

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    Product Overview

    BlueNotes 410 is a software package designed not just for data collection, storage, manipulation and report generation; it can also improve throughput, enhance precision and extend the utility of the Model 410 Flame Photometer.

    Everything is visible on one operational page

    With the BlueNotes 410 software package you can

    • Use real names and sample numbers in your reports
    • Perform Multipoint calibrations with curve fit
    • Automatically correct for instrument drift
    • Save calibration curves
    • Save methods
    • Archive results
    • Prepare and print professional reports
    • Use Automatic Peak Selection facility to assess stability of readings
    • Automate analyses with addition of the Model 860 Autosampler

    Model 410 Flame Photometer Instrument Update and Automation items and packages

    • 41086001* Digital Interface/Linearisation Module
    • 41086002* BlueNotes Upgrade (41086001 & 41066000)
    • 41086003* BlueNotes Upgrade & Automation Package (86000009 M860 Autosampler & 41086002)
    • 41066000* M410 BlueNotes Software
    • 41086004* BlueNotes Automation Package (86000009 & 41066000)

    *When ordering any of the above products/packages, you need to state the serial number of the instrument with which you intend to use them.