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    BlueNotes 420 Software

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    Product Overview

    Supplied free of charge with all new M420 and M425 Flame Photometers.
    With the 420 software package you can:

    • Use real names and sample numbers in your reports
    • Perform Multipoint calibrations with curve fit
    • Monitor all three (M420) or all four (M425) detector outputs simultaneously
    • Select Lithium or Potassium as the internal reference material
    • Save calibration curves
    • Save methods
    • Archive results
    • Prepare and print professional reports
    • Use Automatic Peak Selection facility to assess stability of readings
    • Automate analyses with addition of the Model 860 Autosampler

    Everything is visible on one operational page. (Requires PC (not supplied) with Windows 7 or later operating software)

    Note: If you require software that allows you to work in compliance with regulations such as CFR 21 Part 11, you need Regulated BlueNotes 420 software (420 66 100)