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    Model 865 Autosampler

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    Accessory Overview

    • 40 sample capacity
    • Separate positions for Blank and Calibrant
    • Designed for use with all Sherwood Flame Photometers* (except the Model 360)
    • Works with or without Sherwood Model 806 Dilutor (and previous Model 805 Dilutor)
    • Works with 410* and 420 BlueNotes Software Packages

    The Models 420, 425 and 420Cs Flame Photometers are designed to interface bi-directionally with the Model 865 and Model 860 Autosampler. Control sits in the Flame Photometer. They can also work via 420 BlueNotes and Regulated 420 BlueNotes with the M865 and M860 Autosampler.

    * The Model 410 Flame Photometers require a Digital Interface and 410 BlueNotes Software to enable operation with the M865 and M860 Autosampler.

    Newly introduced in 2019, the M865 Autosampler offers optional post standard and post sample rinse together with enhanced flexibility for sample dwell times and improved robustness of operation.