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    Product Applications


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    Sherwood Scientific products are used throughout the Agricultural Industry; for Quality Control testing of Fertilisers, Soil Nutrient Studies, Seed Storage Trials, Feed Analysis; Raw Ingredient and finished product Quality Control, are a few examples

    Fertiliser Manufacture

    Soil Analysis

    Plant Analysis

    Feed Analysis

    Seed Drying/Storage


    Consistent quality in baked goods relies greatly on consistency of ingredients. Sherwood Scientific products are used for Quality Control testing of ingredients and raw materials and also in R&D studies e.g. moisture content and its affect on performance assessed using our lab-scale fluid bed dryer.

    Cake and Flour Manufacture

    Quality Analysis of Final Product

    Chemical Additive Analysis

    Calcium in Biscuits

    Flour Classification

    Brewing and Beverages

    Its all in the taste: Sherwood Fluid Bed Dryers are used in the Tea and Coffee Industry for rapid cropping assessment whilst our Chloride Analysers and Flame Photometers are used for other beverage analyses.

    Water Analysis Prior to Brewing

    Added Salts Quality Control

    Calcium in Beer

    Sodium, Potassium, Calcium in Fruit Juice

    Chloride in Fruit Juice (Tomato)

    Phosphate in Fruit Juice




    Cement Manufacture

    Sherwood Scientific Flame Photometers and Chloride Analysers are used to ensure cement product quality as defined in standard test methods; for example ASTM C114-15.

    Quality Control of Cement

    Preparation of Gypsum and Plaster Board

    Chemicals Manufacture

    All Sherwood Scientific product lines are utilised within the Chemical Manufacturing Industry; either for material studies (Fluid Bed Dryer, Magnetic Susceptibility Balance) or for chemical analysis; Flame Photometer, Chloride Analyser and Colorimeters.



    Chemical Precipitates

    Chromatographic Supports

    Ion Exchange Resins

    Metal Hydroxides

    Metal Oxides

    Molecular Sieves



    Food Manufacture

    Food manufacture, in particular processed foods, is a sector that sees widespread use of the Chloride Analyser, for Salt determinations and the Flame Photometers for Sodium declarations.

    Chloride Determination in canning Liquors, Brines

    Chloride in Yoghurt Manufacture


    Canned Vegetables

    Cheese Analysis 

    Dressings - (French Dressings, Mayonnaise, Mustard)


    Processed Meat - (Bacon), (Sausage: Beef Frankfurter, fermented Summer, ring Bologna), (Turkey: Frankfurter, Legs, Breast)

    Snacks - (Potato Chips, Crisps)

    Spices - (Currey Powder, Mixed Spice, Seasonings

    Tomato Products - (Ketchup, Pastes, Juice)

    Metallurgical Analysis

    Numerous colorimetry methods exist to investigate composition of Metal Alloys whilst the study of Magnetic properties is achieved using Sherwood Magnetic Susceptibility Balances.

    Phosphorus in Copper Alloys

    Aluminium Alloys for Copper, Nickel, Iron, Manganese and Titanium

    Titanium in Aluminium Alloy

    Bismuth in Free Machining Aluminium Alloys

    Chromium in Aluminium Alloys

    Arsenic in Copper and Copper Alloys

    Alum. in Paper

    Iron in Ammonium Sulphate and Sulphuric Acid

    Manganese in Aluminium Alloys

    Iron in Aluminium and its Alloys

    Nickel in Iron and Steel

    Manganese Oxide in Slags and Similar Materials

    Chromium in Cast Iron and Steel

    Silicon in Steel

    Titanium in Steel

    Analysis of rare earth elements and their oxidation states

    Qualitative analysis of metal complexes


    Numerous colorimetry methods exist to investigate composition of Minerals whilst Magnetic properties may be studied using Sherwood Magnetic Susceptibility Balances.

    QC of industrial diamonds for trace metal contaminants


    This is where it all started for the Fluid Bed Dryer: drying coal samples to assess moisture content.

    Coke and Coal

    Sodium and Potassium in silicates, minerals and ores

    Oil Industry

    As you might expect for an industry responsible for the manufacture of numerous products from a wide variety of feedstock materials: nearly all Sherwood product lines find a use in this sector.

    Determination of Salt Concentration in Bore Slurries

    Colloidal Graphite in Oil

    Vanadium in Fuel Oil

    The determination of Sodium in Fuel Oil

    Molybdenum Disulphide in Oils

    Wear particulate analysis directly on Lubricating Oils

    QC of catalysts in the petrochemical and plastics industries

    The determination of Lithium in greases


    The Pharmaceutical industry is responsible for production of numerous products: nearly all Sherwood Scientific product lines find a use in this sector.

    Water Analysis

    Quality Control of Chemicals used in Drug Manufacture

    QC of Contrast Agents

    Tablet Ingredients Preparation

    Water Industries

    Water analysis for Sodium, Potassium and Calcium is achieved by Flame Photometry and Chloride analysis.

    Bore Hole Waters

    Reclaimed Seawater after Desalination