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    Model 806 Continuous Flow Dilutor

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    Accessory Overview

    • Dual Rotor for reproducible ratios
    • Positive Pumping for accurate measurements
    • Uptake from original sample vessel
    • Fibrin clot remover
    • Excellent overall system performance

    The Model 806 Dilutor is compatible with all models of Sherwood Scientifics’ Flame Photometers. It features two pump mechanisms, one for sample and one for diluent, which are permanently linked to ensure consistent dilution ratios. Designed for the 200:1 ratio used to dilute Na and K concentrations in clinical samples, it can also be used for a 50:1 ratio for clinical Lithium samples. When used with Models 420 or 425 Flame Photometers the Dilutor can add automatically Lithium Internal Reference material at the optimal concentration; or Caesium Internal Reference if operating the Model 420Cs Flame Photometer.