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    M926 Chloride Analyser

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    Product Overview

    Measurement of Salt (Sodium Chloride) in the Food and Dairy Industry is a universal requirement. Instrumental endpoint detection and the option to read Salt concentration directly has made the M926 Chloride Analyser the instrument of choice for many food manufacturers and analysts worldwide. Salt and salinity also represent serious contamination in many industrial processes. The sensitivity of the coulometric method enables ppm range measurement in boiler feed water; polymer washes; borehole slurries as well as soil salinity studies. The M926 Chloride Analyser is intended for general laboratory use and is calibrated in ppm (mg/l) Chloride. The Select Button offers the immediate conversion of Chloride content into mg% Salt (Sodium Chloride) of the original sample*.

    * assumes ratio 1g of sample to 100ml diluent


    • Principle coulometric method of operation is very robust, tried and tested
    • Analyser is ergonomically designed, easy to use and maintain
    • Sherwood Scientific Chloride Analyser Buffer enables outstanding performance for precision
    • Low cost per test
    • Low after test costs (reagent disposal)

    Further information about the product

    The M926 method is based on a coulometric titration wherein the reagent (Silver ions) is precisely and quantitatively generated at the time of analysis by passing a constant current between electrodes. The endpoint is determined when excess Silver ions cause a change in conductivity; detected by the detector electrodes.


    Active Salt Software

    Instrument Model M926
    Application Industrial: Chloride measurement in mg/l (ppm)
    Units mg/l
    Calibrated Sample Size 500µl
    Readout Range 0 – 999mg/l (2 – 165 mg% Salt)
    Limit of Detection for 500µl sample 5mg/l
    Accuracy ±3mg/l at the 200mg/l level
    Reproducibility/Precision CV<1% for 20 replicate samples @200mg/l
    (excluding pipetting errors)
    Measurement Time 36 seconds to 100mg/l
    Voltage (Mains Adapter Input) 100 – 240V, 50 – 60 Hz, 0.6A
    Size 315 x 200 x 250mm
    Packed Size 385 x 370 x 450mm
    Net Weight 1.9 Kg
    Gross Weight 5.4 Kg
    Packed Unit Contents M926 Chloride Analyser, Printer Cable 9 way RS232, Buffer (500ml), 200mg/l Chloride Standard Solution (100ml), 1 Pack of Anodes, 1 Pack of Electrodes, 2 Marked Beakers, Silver Electrode Polish, Stirrer, Operator Manual, Universal Mains Adapter and USB lead A(M) – B(M)